1. Presentations about our services

Would you like more information about our services? The Speedy Team comes to your hotel or company to present our services in a personalized way. Contact us using the form or by email, both available on the tab "Contact".

2. Frequently asked questions

The following questions are often asked by hotels and companies interested in Speedy's services.

2.1 Speedy Hotels Service: hotels' frequent questions.

2.1.1 We like the service, but we have some doubts about its implementation in our hotel. Do you have any plan that details the implementation of the service in hotels?

Yes. Speedy has designed an implementation plan that details all relevant steps to implement the service in a hotel. For more information, contact the Speedy Team.

2.2 Speedy Companies Service: companies' frequent questions.

2.2.1 Sporadically, can we bring guests to a running/cardio walking session?

Of course! No problem if time to time we want guests to join a Speedy session.

2.3 Speedy Hotels Service + Speedy Companies Service: runners' frequently asked questions.

2.3.1 I usually don't run and i'm afraid I will not be able to make it. Should I sign up?

The answer is a clear and resounding "Yes". It's not about breaking records or running the most, but about enjoying sport during the week. If you've never gone running do not worry because our coaches always adapt each session to participants' needs. We all deserve the opportunity to learn and enjoy something unknown! If you don't feel comfortable with a running session, you can always sign up for a "Cardio Walking" session that combines functional stretching with powerful walking sessions!

2.3.2 How does Speedy manage the fact that runners may have different running levels?

As far as there are no significant level differences, we will always run together in one group. Should different levels be noticed, subgroups will be configured and Speedy Trainers will advise each of them separately.

2.3.3 My goal is to improve my running personal record. Can Speedy help me?

Your record is our record! Our personal trainers are real experts and will help you to accomplish your goal.


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